Friday, July 11, 2008

Something Fun . . .

I found something fun at our local Target store recently in the stationery aisle.
Marianne Richmond Studios has published a book of postcards for grandparents to send grandchildren, as well as a “Grandma & Me Activity Book.”
The 21-count postcard book includes brightly colored postcards that will appeal to kids of all ages, and even includes riddle and puzzle postcards to delight older kids.
The 32-page activity book is designed to provide a “grand” time together, and includes quizzes, recipes, games, and simple crafts to do together.
If you are looking for something to jump-start your own creativity, I recommend the activity book. If you like to send postcards to your grandkids, I think you'll be pleased with the postcards Marianne Richmond Studios offer. They may not be obviously available on her website, but watch for her at Target.
And if you visit Marianne's website, check out her blog – it's fun.

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