Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Gift Ideas

Whether it's a new grandchild in our family, or a new baby or grandchild in a friend's family, I love to go shopping for baby things – and there are so many new wonderful products out there! Here are two of my favorites:
Peas and Carrots – my friend Megan tipped me off to this wonderful company, which offers things for baby – burp rags, blankets, and other necessities – in fresh, colorful fabrics, as well as cute purses and bags for mom! A great place to shop!
And Susan Branch is one of my favorite artists – very sweet but with a twist. I love her use of color and quotation! She has a line of things for grandmas that include the practical as well as the whimsical.
If you're shopping for a little one – or for a little one's mom – both of these sites are worth checking out!

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