Monday, April 30, 2007

Mail Kit for Kids

If you've been hoping for letters from your grandchild, put together a mail kit for him:
* Choose a sturdy container - a shoe box you've covered with paper, or a lidded basket. Include a variety of papers and postcards, stamps, pencils and erasers, and a small address book with family addresses in it. Don't forget some drawing paper, and perhaps some colored pencils or a charcoal drawing pencil.
* If your grandchild isn't reading or writing yet, include some self-addressed, stamped envelopes in the "mail kit."
*If your grandchild is a beginning reader/writer, put small photographs beside the addresses in an address book.
* Write regularly to your grandchild. Send postcards as well as longer letters. Include drawings you've made, or photographs you've taken.
* Write about things you've done lately, even ordinary things. Tell your grandchild about your own childhood adventures, or activities you hope to try someday. Show interest in what your grandchild is doing - ask questions he can easily answer. Let him know you enjoy the letters (or pictures) he sends you in the mail; tell him you hope he'll write you again soon.

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