Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Mural Project

If you're looking for a project to keep younger grandchildren busy on Thanksgiving while grown-ups are busy getting dinner on the table -- or cleaning up the table -- here's a simple project your grandkids are likely to enjoy.
Spend a few minutes re-telling the story of the first Thanksgiving. Explain what a difficult time the Pilgrims had after they arrived on the Mayflower, and how the Indians helped them survive. Describe some of the difficulties in detail: building shelter; finding and growing food; illness, bad weather, and the need for resourcefulness in problem-solving. Tell them about how the Pilgrims hosted a feast to thank God for their blessings after the harvest.
Then give them a roll of paper, some crayons, pencils, and basic craft supplies, and a place to work. Ask them to create a Thanksgiving mural for you. If necessary, get them started by suggesting a part of the story for each one to illustrate, then let them get busy.
By the time they've finished, you'll have a unique Thanksgiving decoration, and your grandkids will have a whole new perspective on the Thanksgiving story.

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