Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Baking

I like to cook, and that's a problem.
It's also one of the most fun aspects of the holiday season.
The preacher and I have become true empty-nesters -- and connoisseurs of left-over cuisine. One pot of chili is good for a week of non-stop soup suppers, and a roast chicken can last at least that long, although at least the chicken can be disguised in casseroles and sandwiches.
I'm fortunate the preacher is a good sport, and not given to complaining.
But the holiday season is a different story -- we'll have family dinners, and drop-in company. And grandkids like cookies, lots and lots of cookies.
I'll be able to bake without loading up the freezer, safe in the knowledge that nothing will get stale.
How about you? What are you planning to cook up for the holidays?


Janie S. said...

I think you should just refer to him as "the Preacher" from now on... It cracks me up! :-) Can't wait to sample some of the things coming out of your kitchen...

Holly said...

Can't wait to have you all here! ;)