Monday, October 6, 2008

In Training, part 2

The 4-year old has a bedtime routine: brushing hair. She likes to brush her mommy's short hair, then have her mommy brush her wildly curly hair. So when she said “Grandma, can I brush your hair?” I knew it was just part of getting her ready for bed.
“I'd like that,” I said, settling down on the floor in front of the brush wielding girl.
Gently she brushed. This is going well, I thought. Suddenly she delicately pulled one little hunk of hair out, just like a beautician would do, and said, “Hmmmmm.”
“What are you doing now, sweetheart?” I asked, turning my head.
“I”m just going to cut this off,” she said with a grin, holding up her rounded edge paper scissors.
I wonder if she thought I was going to leave a tip.


Anonymous said...

So did she cut?!?! Auntie J

Holly said...

No. At least, not yet. :)

One Mom said...

I wondered the same! Next time tell her you're just there for a brush - you're letting your hair grow!

Holly said...

What a great idea! And true, too!