Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ReRun: Rent A Grandma . . . ?

I've never done this before. Really. But this idea intrigues me, and evidently a lot of people; this post gets a lot of hits. So here, from last October, is "Rent a Grandma . . . "

I wonder why there isn't a “Rent A Grandma” franchise somewhere.

Think of it – a grandma you could rent, who would come in bearing cookies and smiles to give you a little relief on a stressful day – no advice (unless you asked specifically), no complaints, no criticisms.

She'd wear a sweater, carry a pocketbook, and ask if you wanted to take a nap for a few minutes while she washes up a bit.

She'd love your kids, spoil your husband, and go home to grandpa at the end of the day, leaving your house clean, cookies on the counter, and you, smiling.

I think there might be a possibility, here . . .


One Mom said...

As a grandma of 7.5 (8 come February) I think this is a fantastic idea. Every family needs a grandma but not all families are fortunate enough to have one close by - 6 of my grandbabies are a days' drive away. I'm ready! Where do I sign up?

Holly said...

Thanks for stopping by, One Mom! Someone also suggested Rent-A-Grandpa -- someone who could come for the day and fix everything that needs fixing around the house. He'd bring his own tools, let the kids help him, and sweep out the garage before he left. We might be on to something here!