Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The One-Note Concert

One of the nicest things a grandparent can do is pay attention.
Our own children, as well as our grandchildren, benefit from knowing that we notice what's going on in their lives, that we care about what they are doing.
The 10-year old just started playing the saxophone, and at dinner the other evening asked if grandpa would like to hear her play.
Because he is a well-trained grandpa, he said, “Of course.” And smiled.
The saxophone was retrieved, the new instrumentalist sat down and played.
One note. A “B.”
“How about an “E?” asked grandpa.
“Nope,” said the 10-year old. “I only know the “B.”
And with that, the concert was complete.


One Mom said...

I hope grandpa asked for an encore!

megs @ whadusay said...

This made me smile! :)

Holly said...

Megs,your smile is a gift! and one mom, I believe he did!

Christina said...

that is funny
it made me giggle as well

Holly said...

Aren't kids just the best?