Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Day Fun . . .

April is very nearly over, and tomorrow is May Day.
My mom worked for a wallpaper and paint store, and each season she would bring home the outdated wallpaper pattern books. We felt rich – so much pretty paper to use for doll houses, or letters, or May Day baskets.
Our favorite was the cone shaped basket, with a pipe-cleaner handle. We'd fill it with penny candy, popcorn, and top it off with flowers from the yard, whatever was fresh and fragrant.
We'd tiptoe to the neighbors early in the morning – or sometimes very late in the afternoon – and leave the basket hanging on their door. We'd hide and watch the fun as they opened the door and found their gift.
If you're close enough, leave a May Day basket for someone you love – a grandchild, or a close neighbor. You can use almost anything – an empty juice can, construction paper, left-over wallpaper – you're limited only by your imagination.
Fill it up with goodies, then leave it where it will be found. Ring the bell, and run!


Julie Kaiser said...

Hi, Mom. Jake took a MayDay bouquet into his teacher yesterday and surprised her! Laura delighted her art teacher at the YMCA with lilacs as well. I recall leaving May posies at the old couple's home across from Sauder's. I still remember them inviting me in for a visit. Love you. Julie

Holly said...

I think that was Ben Stuber and his wife -- I don't quite remember her name right now; they really enjoyed all you neighborhood kids, though!