Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eyes to See

I talked with a MOPS group last week about “Kindling a Sense of Wonder in Your Child.” I came away feeling as if I had missed the mark, but that happens sometimes.
One of the things I discussed was introducing your child to nature. This is something a grandparent can do, too. Just today I was out walking in our yard, trying to open my eyes to spring unfolding. Here are some of the things I noticed:
* a constellation of violets in the grass – they look like tiny stars, studding the yard.
* the tips of every branch on the pine trees are loaded with tiny pine cones.
* cardinals were calling to each other, and tiny finches were singing.
* the bark on our big mulberry tree is rough, multi-colored, and good for squirrels to gain footing on.
* the bluebells are beginning to bloom.
* tiny grape hyacinth surprise a careful observer.
* ducks paddle in the creek without making a sound.
* the lilac is leafing out so quickly it's as if an invisible hand is painting it green.
Having eyes to see makes the world a much richer place.


megs said...

Holly, you inspire me! I really enjoyed your MOPS talk. I'm just really sorry my little guy was being so uncooperative - I feel like we were a distraction - sorry! Don't doubt yourself and thanks for this post! Maybe when everyone feels better at my house we will do a little nature walk of our own!

Debbie said...

Oh Holly I loved your talk! I already have a basket picked out for Holly's nature items, and am looking forward to searching for books when I go garage saling tomorrow. You gave me so many inspiring and womderful ideas!

Julie said...

Nice job, Mom. You are certainly responsible for helping give me eyes to see! I am trying to pass that along to Jake and Laura. Love you. Julie