Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dressing Up . . .

Is there anything prettier than a little girl with a new dress? Or more encouraging than a little boy wearing a nice shirt?

At a family wedding last week-end we had the pleasure of seeing all our grandchildren dressed in their best, having fun together. They took to the dance floor exuberantly, twirling their skirts, rolling up their sleeves, laughing and smiling.

When I was a little girl I was sometimes frustrated when one of my grandmothers would give me fancy clothes for Christmas or a birthday. They were always pretty, and I wasn't ungrateful; I just didn't understand why she didn't choose gifts like roller skates or comic books.

I understand a little more now. There is something delightful about seeing children dressed up in their best for a celebration, hair combed or curled. You can see a little shift in attitude, a little self-consciousness, a little glimpse of the future, when dressing up will be a regular part of their lives.

I love the everyday ease of jeans and tennis shoes, and I wouldn't impose “good clothes” on them every day.

But it's sure nice once in awhile . . .

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Dad said...

I can think of nothing that gives me as much joy as seeing our kids, their loved ones, and our grand kids having such a good time! Praise God for joyful celebrations!