Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Self-Awareness, Key #1

One key to a good relationship between generations is self-awareness. We need to be aware of what we want from a relationship, as well as what we are willing to give to it.
When we think about our relationship with the parents of our grandchildren, what exactly is it that we want from them? Do we want to be included in their everyday lives, and if so, how do we want to be included? As a mentor? a helper? a cheerleader?
Or do we prefer a bit of distance?
What are we willing to give to the relationship? Are we willing to set aside activities we might otherwise choose so we can be more involved in their lives?
And what do they want from this relationship?
All the skill in observation, communication, and negotiation we've acquired over the years should be helpful as we navigate this part of a good relationship!

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