Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rent A Grandma . . . ?

I wonder why there isn't a “Rent A Grandma” franchise somewhere.

Think of it – a grandma you could rent, who would come in bearing cookies and smiles to give you a little relief on a stressful day – no advice (unless you asked specifically), no complaints, no criticisms.

She'd wear a sweater, carry a pocketbook, and ask if you wanted to take a nap for a few minutes while she washes up a bit.

She'd love your kids, spoil your husband, and go home to grandpa at the end of the day, leaving your house clean, cookies on the counter, and you, smiling.

I think there might be a possibility, here . . .


JDS - Portsmouth, VA said...

I also would like to sign up for the 'grandma rental program'. I don't have a particular need for it today, but it's good to be proactive. It's also nice to have grandma, or mom around.

Holly said...

Just let me know -- anytime you need a grandma . . . I'll be glad to come, for free, even!

Anonymous said...

RentAGrandma ( is beginning to franchise next month. They were featured oin Fox News Network recently.