Thursday, July 17, 2014

Housing Matters

Everyone needs a good, sturdy, lovely home.

Even dolls and fairies.

This week, we’ve had doll house lovers and fairy-house builders visiting. Doll houses have been decorated and re-decorated,  and the big back-yard trees have provided lovely building sites. There is plenty of building material: sycamore bark, leaves, acorns, tiny branches fallen in the last storm . . . fairy comfort was well considered in the furnishings and arrangement of rooms.

I think any house-hunting dolls or fairies will be pleased with our efforts.

It’s got me thinking, though, about what it takes to make a home.

A sturdy, comfortable building is important, of course, and I’m particularly partial to a space with big windows and lots of light. I like spacious rooms, high ceilings, and generous closets.

But it takes more than pretty, comfortable space to make a home. It takes laughter, music, good company, and enough of life’s necessities . . . and those things require a bit of purposeful thought. We need to be intentional about creating family, about making space for friends, for hospitality of the heart.

We learn that from experience, from seeing the people who care for us making room in their lives for us, and maybe we begin to learn to do it ourselves, when we make a home . . . for dolls and for fairies.

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