Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Gracious Gift

Wisdom is always available, but sometimes seems to be in short supply.
Maybe that's because we don't always value it very much.
I think that has to do with our goals, with what we want out of our lives.
If what we want is a stable and happy family, wisdom is indispensable. We'll learn to value its role in helping us create stability, closeness, warmth -- all the things we need to keep a family in good shape.
Wisdom is ultimately creative. When we apply wisdom to our lives, we create space, time, and energy; we redirect resources to what is good, pure, and lovely; we affirm what is of God. The result is freedom to become what God created us to be.
The apostle James says all we have to do is ask for wisdom, and God, who is generous, will supply it generously.
What a gracious gift!

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