Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Celebrating Valentine's Day With Your Family

Besides being a wife, mom, and grandma, I freelance as a writer. I like playing with words and ideas, and I like the discipline of deadlines. Unlike the dishes or the laundry, when an article is done, it's done!

This month, I have two different Valentine's Day articles in print, with different perspectives and ideas for celebrating with your family. The first is available online as part of an excellent regional newsletter, SpringfieldMoms.org. This newsletter is local, but the parenting and family ideas are excellent and universal. I recommend it! To read my article, go to www.Springfieldmoms.org, click on “newsletter” then look for “Grandma's House: Valentine's Day Family Fun.”

You can also check out my article “Valentine Whimsy” in the January-February 2008 issue of Midwestern Family for more of my ideas for making your own Valentines. Midwestern Family is available at newstands and at Barnes & Noble bookstores in the central Illinois area. Although the website doesn't carry articles, subscription information is available at www.MidwesternFamily.com. This magazine covers central Illinois and beyond with family-centered information and ideas.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your family?

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