Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Getting Ready . . .

Eager children – that's what we expect this week-end.

I shopped this afternoon, making sure we have enough flour, eggs, and pretty decorative sugars for our cookie baking adventures with the grandkids this week-end.

As I shopped I marveled again at what a rich experience it is to shop. What choices we have - just the baking aisle is an adventure in possibility!

Tomorrow I'll bake some sugar cookies so they will be ready for the littlest hands to decorate, and I'll mix up some icebox cookies so they'll be ready for the slightly older kids to help slice, bake and decorate.

Some of the older grandkids are able to mix and measure themselves, so I'll get recipes ready for them. We'll probably make snickerdoodles, maybe some peanut butter cookies, maybe some peppernuts.

Cookies will be the pretext (as well as the bonus) but the reward will be the time we spend together, the skills and experiences we share, and the fun we have.

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Christina said... did it go? I would love to hear about the crazy cookie decorating day.