Thursday, August 23, 2007

More back to school notes . . .

Back to school also means the end of impromptu games of baseball, unless there's not too much homework . . . baseball in the back yard is easy-going fun, but also sometimes a little intense – there's always the threat of a broken window or two, or a little mud and gravel on your knees if you get to slide home. Whether you're cheering on the batter, chattering at the pitcher, or sweating out a 3-and-2 count, back-yard games are where skills and interest are built, and fun is found in a brand new bat or a well worn mitt.
I'm not a good player, and I'm not even a faithful fan unless I know the players. Then my interest intensifies and I don't want the game to end.
But end it will, if only because it's time for going back to school.

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