Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fun for All

We took our week-end visitors to the local children's museum – that is, my daughter and I took her two children plus our two week-end visitors.
What fun it is for cousins to spend time together! We walked the local walking trail for four blocks in a misty rain, which required umbrellas, which required twirling, poking, and getting just a little bit wet to see if we still needed umbrellas.
Anticipation was running high, and the museum did not disappoint! There was a water table to splash in, a painting wall to paint on, and a special “Agmazing” exhibit, which really was agmazing – a tractor and a combine to drive, an auger to turn, cows to “milk,” and a table to set with farm produce. Various video screens offered a real-life glimpse into the world of farming, and rows of wooden corn were fun to walk around.
The current exhibit about Japan also caught the six-year old's interest as he practiced fishing, then checked out the areas highlighting each season in Japan.
The littler ones enjoyed bicycling with a skeleton, investigating the dentist's chair, and driving the truck to go to the Main Street exhibit.
Everywhere we turned there was something intriguing, exciting, and fun.
I wish someone would invent a “children's museum” where adults could go and play!


Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! :)

I just got in touch with Amy again, and we're going to get together tomorrow evening. Thanks for your cards after the deaths of both boys . . .it meant a lot to be remembered by your family.

Amy (Brown) Rennie

Holly said...

Amy, it's so nice to hear from you! I'm glad you and Amy had a chance to talk.

I enjoy your blog.Please keep in touch!